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Comprehensive Men and Women’s Health is an independent private practice that provides patients with a transformational way to maximize healthcare for anyone wanting to be the best version of themselves.
Our mission is to provide the best care available and allow clients to meet most, if not all their needs in one place. Our providers and staff are dedicated to treating patients with compassion and respect and it is our goal to guide patients to reach their fullest potential through the array of health-improving services.
It is our goal to address muscle and joint pain using noninvasive procedures in a natural and safe fashion. We use the latest Lipo-Melt technology for weight loss – the most powerful non-invasive body shaping system available. The additional and proven FDA-regulated medications are sometimes added for customized weight loss plans to ensure safe and maximum results. Our experience and advanced tools aim to improve sexual health and wellness in both men and women. The available customized treatments for erectile dysfunction in men are second to none. The clinic also provides patients with TRT and bioidentical hormone replacement in the safest and most effective way possible.

Committed To Excellence

Edin Abdagic is an adult-gerontology nurse practitioner with a Master of Science degree in nursing. He is the owner and Medical Director of Comprehensive Men and Women’s Health. He is particularly committed to improving clients’ overall health. Edin is trained in orthopedics and joint health, primary care medicine; testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for men and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for women; peptide therapy; weight loss; platelet-rich plasma (PRP) application for joint and soft tissue injuries; PRP for hair loss and to improve sexual function; various treatment options for erectile dysfunction including state of the art shockwave therapy treatment, and many more ancillary services.
To ensure every client becomes the best possible version of themselves, Edin believes that each patient deserves maximum and undivided attention from their provider. For this reason, he provides a concierge-type service to all his patients to assure they achieve the best possible outcomes.

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