Peptide Therapy

Comprehensive Men and Women’s Health puts an emphasis on safety and education when recommending peptides to our clients.
Most healthy adults may be able to benefit from peptide therapy. As the use of peptides encourages specific cellular processes, they can be used safely and effectively to address a variety of concerns for a range of people.

Many peptides are formed from the breakdown of proteins. Their structure and function depend upon the sequence of the amino acids formed and the spatial relationship of the amino acids within the peptide.

Off label use of peptides has potential benefits that include improvement in energy and vitality, increase in strength and endurance, improved sleep and wound healing, maintaining and improving joint health and bone density, increase in muscle mass, improvement in sexual health, improving skin health, prevention of hair loss, improving erectile function, and various other potential benefits.

While safe for the majority of our clients, peptides are contraindicated in certain conditions and if used concurrently with specific medications or supplements. Schedule a consultation with our provider to see if peptides are safe for you.

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